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Insurance companies are the heart of an aware and sensitive society. Most of the insurance companies are backed by a sophisticated and well-designed enterprise systems to best capture, process, manage and use the data about people, policies, products, claims, finance etc.

We have deep expertise in the field of writing CORE insurance systems. These systems are enterprise level and are being used by some key players in the industry. The intended audience of the system is the IT, business, front desk and leadership team of an insurance company. With the typical capturing of data, the system has a well-defined and integrated finance & accounting system.

Modules :

  • CRM
  • Representatives
  • Policy
  • Claim
  • Submission
  • Collection
  • Transacion
  • Comission
  • General Ledger
  • Product Management
  • Rules Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Document Management
  • Reports

Data Warehousing :
Insurance system data warehouse & Cubes for reporting were developed for all the branches in South Africa region. This included data from finance & sales system with Core system.

Project Details :
  • Skills : Enterprise, Integration, Data Processing, Data Warehousing
  • Category : Design, Analysis
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