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Banking industry is known for huge, complex and multiple databases. It is very important for any banking organization to keep this data secure, usable and available.

Core Banking System :
We are technology partner in multiple core banking system integrations in Africa continent. This includes T24 banking system, Bank Master core banking system and Finacle core banking system.

Data Warehousing :
One of the key part of process is making the data available for different systems at different time and location. This task becomes more challenging when there are multiple data sources with their own formats. But this is very usual in even a small banking system. This collation of data from different sources, making it available for market analysis, for-casting, top management and various other purpose is known as data warehousing.
All these banking data have been put into logical business data model and data warehouse for head office reporting & Analytical solutions. This included data from 17 countries & 4 different system in each country.

Mobile Banking :
We have been doing mobile banking implementation ‘Mobile Money Transfer (MMT)’ between Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) in Tanzania (Vodacom, AirTel, Tigo, and ZanTel) through CellCom and BancABC Bank Tanzania.
BABWS is a middle layer that accepts transactions from Mobile Service Providers and routes them to the respective registered account (normal account or Card). It conforms to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and forms part of the greater Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). The Web Service published can be subscribed to by any authorised consumer (USSD, Mobile (IOS/Android/Windows/Mozilla and desktop) applications on any platform and using any technology.

Details :
  • Skills : Enterprise, Integration, Data Processing, Data Warehousing
  • Category : Design, Integration, Analysis