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Application Integration Suite provides the tools enterprises need for connecting cloud and on-premise applications, building microservices and exposing and managing APIs. It enables you to reach new markets, rapidly take advantage of new business opportunities, and improve communications within your partner ecosystem.

The Application Integration Suite can be deployed on premise or in the cloud. With the Application Integration Suite, you can leverage your existing IT systems and investments whilst taking advantage of cloud. Connecting across hybrid environments provides you with greater flexibility and scalability, allowing you to react faster to changing business needs.

Application Integration Suit Benefits :

  • Securely integrate on-premise and cloud applications, enabling you to optimize resources and productivity in Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud models.

  • Flexibility to deploy on-premise or in the cloud

  • Use the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architectural pattern to eliminate costly point-to-point connections, which are expensive to maintain and resistant to change.

  • Simply and quickly build new APIs by using integration technology.

  • Rapidly design APIs with essential security policies and share APIs across organizational boundaries and environments, while providing deep insight into API usage.

  • Create Microservices and APIs by using Node.js Loopback and Express® frameworks

  • Accelerate your integration creation and management for cloud and on-premise through the use of premade patterns, rich connectors, and easy-to-use tools.

  • Improve visibility of your business data, events, and messages flowing through the integration layer. This results in a more agile response to the changing needs of your business and smarter business decisions.

  • Take advantage of new business opportunities. Application Integration Suite provides the foundation for a successful mobile, analytics, and cloud strategy. It enables you to seamlessly connect your Systems of Record to Systems of Engagement to help create a positive experience for your customer.

  • Leverage the synergy between IBM and other Mobile, API Management, Analytics, Business Rules solutions, and many more.

Application Integration Suit Features :

  • Securely connecting cloud and on-premise applications for seamless hybrid integration.

  • Flexibility to deploy on-premise or in the cloud

  • Rapidly creating integrations by using rich connectors and integration templates to save time and resource.

  • Creating microservices and exposing them as APIs in minutes.

  • Reduced IT complexity and cost savings from simplifying your IT infrastructure.

  • Innovating faster by taking advantage of the API economy. You can power digital innovation and transformation by using integration technology and API Connect Professional to create, assemble, manage, secure, scale and socialize your APIs.

  • Using trusted, market-leading software from IBM® and its large support network.

Integration stack :
  • IBM API Connect Discover, create, publish and secure APIs in a hybrid cloud environment.
  • IBM App Connect Connect your applications, integrate data and automate your workflows.
  • IBM DataPower Gateway Gain security, control, integration and optimized access to a range of workloads.
  • IBM Integration Bus Access an enterprise service bus to enable systems and applications to communicate.
  • IBM MQ Use message queues to integrate diverse applications and business data across multiple platforms.