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IBM App Connect is a cloud-based solution for business users that quickly connects apps to automate tasks and boost productivity. Instead of manually performing high-touch, repetitive integration tasks, you can use a simple, business-oriented interface to create workflows and get notifications, sync data, track outcomes and more.

IBM® App Connect and IBM App Connect Professional help you automate workflows and integrate data, apps and APIs across hybrid cloud environments. They are designed to support a range of roles and needs; from simple, single-step flows across cloud apps to multi-step flows requiring sophisticated data transformation and mapping.

IBM App Connect Benefits :

  • Connect apps in three simple steps.

  • Automate tasks and create efficient workflow orchestration.

  • Integrate custom apps in hours.

IBM App Connect Professional Benefits :

  • Integrate cloud, mobile and on-premises applications in days.

  • Simplify integration and reduce the need for specialized skills.

  • Accelerate integration with pre-built connectors and templates.

Integration stack :
  • IBM API Connect Discover, create, publish and secure APIs in a hybrid cloud environment.
  • IBM Application Integration Suite Connect cloud and on-premises applications, build microservices and expose and manage APIs.
  • IBM DataPower Gateway Gain security, control, integration and optimized access to a range of workloads.
  • IBM Integration Bus Access an enterprise service bus to enable systems and applications to communicate.
  • IBM MQ Use message queues to integrate diverse applications and business data across multiple platforms.